TCM-RA 1000

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Far Infrared Stone Effect Ceramic Heaters with built in digital thermostat. 1000W, and will cover up to 20 sq mtrs. These are compact and stylish electrical panels, made of natural materials, which are the modern alternative to traditional and expensive heating systems. The built-in control on the side of the panel is invisible, which does not spoil the overall design of the heater. Thermostat on the heater has 2 functions of heating control: • Control of surface heating of the panel. This feature allows you to limit the degree of heating from 40 to 95 degrees. It was developed at the request of a foreign client, where the law obliges (regardless of the safety of the heating device) to install in children’s facilities only heaters with the ability to control the heating of the front side. • Control of indoor air heating. Allows you to set the desired temperature of the room and automatically turns off the ceramic panel when the user specified degrees (from 5 С to 35 ° С). This feature helps not only to maintain a constant comfortable temperature, but also to save electricity. Ability to set the minimum air temperature in the empty room, shortens the work time of the heater and, accordingly, reduces the consumption of electricity by the infrared panel. • Safe Infrared Panel. Not affected by steam and splashes, withstands voltage fluctuations, there is no risk of ignition. Without fear you can hang under windows with long curtains. Ecological heater. Safe for installation in any premises, including children’s rooms, schools, kindergartens, baths, saunas, etc. Add Feet / Wheels for portability.
Product Specifications
Model TCM-RA 1000
Power 1000W
Heating Area 20 m2
The amount of heating 50 m3
Size 1200x600x17 mm
Surface Tempreture 90 C.
Weight 26kg
High Voltage 220v
Current Frequency 50 Hz
Warranty Period 5 Years
Button On / Off No
A cord with a socket Yes
Regulator Yes
Fastening Yes
Weight 24 kg

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